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Monumental manor | Siberie Curaçao


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Landhuis Siberie: A wonderful home and a great investment!

Unspoiled nature
Country house Siberie is located in the middle of a lush vegetation with flying hummingbirds and parakeets. The entrance to the farmhouse is well hidden between Tera Corá and Fontein. At the end of the 300-meter long access road you will reach the imposing country house and you will be immediately overwhelmed by the wild beauty of the whole. It is hard to imagine that you are still on Curacao. Still, the nearest beach is only 10 minutes by car from this idyll.

The Country house is now substantially renovated/preserved, is in good architectural condition and features a completely new roof with the appearance of around 1910, when the original roof after a heavy storm was replaced by the current model. If you wish, there is the possibility to bring the farmhouse back to the look of the 18th century where among others 8 dormer windows are planned. All the necessary construction drawings for this, including the specifications, building budget plus the restoration permit approved and signed by the Minister, will of course also be transferred.

Good investment
The supply of habitable historical objects is of course limited, as a result of which the prices of this historical heritage have gone up in recent years too. The country of Curaçao has recognized the importance of its monuments as national heritage and, in order to promote private monument ownership and facilitate their maintenance, the Governor has ratified a number of tax measures that will encourage owners of monuments to purchase and maintain them (Official Journal A2016 N° 78) Besides these new measures, all the costs of maintaining a monument have already been tax deductible for many years. For restoration, up to 60% subsidy can even be granted. In addition, no transfer tax is payable in the event of a sale/purchase.

The aggregate plot size covers some 13,000 M2 of owned land and is classified as an urban residential area. This means that the terrain may be made suitable for construction. It is therefore easy to expand the number of buildings, such as holiday apartments or residential units.

Natural Cooling
Country house Siberie is located just above the “waist” of the island, with the sea on either side, as the crow flies, no further than 5 km away. It is therefore one of the coolest places on Curacao, but without the annoying excess of wind that makes reading a newspaper on the porch often impossible. What plays a great part in the coolness, but then indoors, are the 40cm thick walls and the floating roof construction where the wind dissipates the collected heat swiftly. The house is very well built towards the trade winds, all three bedrooms on the east side are here all year round. Here you do not have to lock yourself up behind glass and air conditioning on the hottest days of the year. No matter whether you are indoors or somewhere in the garden in the shade of an old tree, it is comfortable everywhere.

Outside life
Country house Siberie is like many of these country houses built on a knoll, this to keep the house dry even in heavy rainfall. A very pleasant feeling when the sky breaks open again in the rainy season. On the northeast side at the knoll, right next to the kitchen is a spacious terrace. The fridge and a cold beer is almost within reach and from the kitchen it takes just a few steps to get a meal out on the terrace table. The new and well-equipped kitchen (including a stainless steel Boretti stove with two ovens, a grill and a tepanyaki grill is hospitable with a pleasant lounge area from where the art of the chef’s cooking can easily be followed. And when you’re not in the mood for any company, there is always a place to find a nice retreat.

The garden on the south side is outside and at a lower level, You get there by descending a 5 step easy going staircase. The southern garden consists of 3 parts of about 150m2 each. The south-western part is largely overshadowed by the crown of an ancient mahogany tree. The central part houses a dance floor with a fireplace and a lounge area where you’ll be able to enjoy hours in cheerful company. On the Southeast side, next to a shady spot under an old Wayaca tree, a relaxation pool has been built. Not an Olympic swimming pool, but a nice pool of 8’ x 16’ and a depth 2’. Just about right to enjoy a day at the beach with a cold beer or a prosecco on the edge.

A piece of History
At the east side of the spacious garden, another 2 feet below by a 5 steps stairs you will enter the former orangery. In times of yesteryear these orange trees were nursed here and later planted out in the forecourt. From these quite bitter oranges, only the peels were used by the Senior Family, who processes them (for two centuries already) into the world famous Blue Curacao liqueur. Nowadays the orangery no longer houses orange trees but a number of impressive columnar cacti and old trees. Not only oranges where the agricultural produce of Siberie. The early inhabitants of the plantation also worked on the cultivation and processing of Indigo plants that provided the blue dye for mainly cotton fabrics of which Jeans are a good example of. Remains of the Indigo bins can still be found on site. As if it were not enough, the salt pans near plantation “Jan Kok” were also exploited in association with the plantations Rif, San Sebastian and Jan Kok. The old path that the slaves took to get to the salt pans can still be seen.

Make a name
Siberie owes its name to the Venezuelan partner of Jan Kok named Siberio Cafiero, who bought the plantation in 1784. Before he became owner the plantation was named “Groot Sint Joris”. This name became obsolete since it was increasingly referred to as “e kas di Siberio” The house of Siberio. The progress of the name transferring into Landhuis Siberie is not difficult to guess. Nice detail; One century later another (still existing) country house “Groot Sint Joris” was built, this time at Oostpunt.
Every owner had something added to the history. For example a later owner of Siberie, Statius Muller, was mentioned in the writings as the man who introduced “modern” agricultural techniques. He was the first to fertilize his land with the manure of his cattle… Chances are that the next owner will one day end up in the history books as a restorer!

Vacation rentals
There are two outbuildings in the farmhouse that have been converted into a vacation apartment and a full-size home. The “Loft” and the “Donkey stable”. Donkey stable suggests that comfort is badly conditioned. Nothing could be further from the truth. As soon as you open the old entrance door you will find yourself in a modern cast concrete kitchen with high-quality components where guests if they feel so, are able to prepare a 5-star meal. Besides the kitchen, the modern bathroom, equipped with many natural materials, also meets the needs of the demanding vacationer. Add to this all the spacious outdoor living room with connecting relaxing bath of 7’ x 14’, and it becomes clear why this apartment continues to score an average rating of 9.6 with an occupancy rate of 80%. And that for years on end. Northwest of the farmhouse is another spacious holiday home “The Loft”, a former storage barn, that through its high coral stone walls, has the appearance of a medieval chapel. Of course, this vacation paradise to is equipped with all modern comfort with spacious bathroom, open kitchen and a private relaxing pool.

The price for the entire object as described, total about 13,000m2, is USD 891,000 b.c. This object is also for sale without the plot with the Loft (see photo with a top view). The total plot then is approximately 9600 m2 and the price USD 695,000 b.c.

An adjoining plot of another 2 hectares is also obtainable at a special price.

Main features

  • beautiful historical heritage
  • located on a hill
  • in the middle of nature
  • close to the beaches
  • well located on the wind
  • a lot of privacy
  • three bedrooms and a bathroom
  • two detached holiday residences
  • three swimming pools
  • construction of more apartments possible
  • lot surface about 13,000 m² or 9,600 m2
  • an adjacent plot for sale



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