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Unique Estate | Girouette Curaçao


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Estate of approximately 12.5 hectares of own land in the heart of Curaçao

The estate Girouette is without a doubt one of the best-kept secrets of Curaçao. The country house – built around 1750 – is hidden in the unspoiled nature that surrounds this historic building. The location of the nearly 125,000 m2 estate is unique. The former plantation is quietly hidden in the center of Curacao, less than a five-minute drive from all facilities in the commercial heart of Saliña.

Out of respect for the historic character, the country house has always been maintained with love. After it was completely renovated in 1973, the building is still in excellent condition. Many historical building elements are still original. The layout has hardly been challenged, which means that the indoor gallery still stands out in full glory today. All windows treat you to fantastic views and a cooling breeze through the house. The kitchen and the bathrooms are functional but dated. They are easy to modernize to everyone’s current taste and style.

The almost 12.5 hectares of property land around the country house makes this authentic object very attractive. Where in the heart of Curaçao you will find so much space with plenty of options. About two hectares of the estate have the destination urban residential area. The remainder has an agricultural purpose, where recreational purposes are also possible to a limited extent. Will you become the new resident or owner of a boutique hotel, bed & breakfast or an exclusive retreat?

Main features

  • Located in the heart of Curaçao
  • Approximately 125,000 m2 of ownership land
  • Country house in very good condition
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Partly destination urban residential area



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